Fashion and Art connected.

Floral connections, but also metamorphic ones.

In a world where the star system and the fashion system are so relevant, fashion looks at art to steal  a little of its sublime, ultramundane touch.

John Galliano 2004 versus Gustave Klimt, beginning of the 20th century: in both cases, garments like sunflowers, fabrics like little flowers in 3d. Total metamorphosis: women turned into botanical treasures.


To be honest, Klimt offers the viewer a plant with a carpet of colorful and graceful flowers, at its roots: it is a sunflower plant. The setting is such that no one sees a plant, but one of his women with long large dresses, sumptuous but linear, Botticelli-style, with bright fauve color,.

The patchwork of different flowers and different plants correspond to patchwork of different fabrics, with different but meticulously naturalistic patterns, and a gigantic sunflower as a headdress that makes the head of the woman to disappear, like a residue of human features. Literally, a metamorphosis is a crossing, going beyond form, trespassing.

Women-vegetables  or humanized plants, the fact remains that the floral patchwork winks at a renaissance of graceful but outrageous, feminine but assertive forms.


More flora, than fauna, on the canvas as on the catwalk.



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