Butterflies since Odilon Redon…

A tryptich.
In the Middle Age it was all about holy subjects, biblic stories, sacred themes, the “vanitas “, vanity of physical life .
Today, Damien Hirst puts his beautiful dead butterflies as a symbol that mixes the idea of Beauty to the fear and removal of death in our era .

There is beauty in death ? Or beauty is a way to escape that scaring feeling of a physical end ?
A Postmodern tryptich is about a cliché: eros and death. Myths collide in Hirst work .
Like in his asian inspired Mandala series.
A sort of new religion using the art languages.

Butteflies. From the Renaissance to Damien Hirst , directly from Fiac Paris, another work that shows beauty and ephemeral things in life via this elegant and fragile creature.
Is it inside a cage ? Or is it just a box to protect it ? Maybe both … protection can become a cage sometime and a cage can be felt as protective…. yin and yang.

Amidst the painting and the colours in a new landscape, butterflies are a symbol since ages of things passing by : life, love, memories, dreams.
It is a bit like painting the pleasure to feel blues …to be Sad, but just for 15 minutes, Warhol said.




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