It is a relationship that goes well, the blink between art and fashion .

There is a young girl, seated. She wears the colours of Expressionism in her little dress, in strong yellow and black colours , a burning green ground and a sofa in electric blue. There is ‘fire’ in the room, but it is a sort of early psychedelia, in a darker way, with melancholy, spleen and blues inside. There is a cat, like in a Balthus atmosphere, but there is no sexy gaze, no sexy attitude. There is a poetry inside the room, inside the woman . It is the ideal girl of the group, that wanted to open the mouth to man’s heart.

Prada, many years later. More than 100 years later. You can’t find that fire that corrupts and that kind of consumption, but you don’t find the typical fashion girl . You find a young lady that has a bag in her hands and not  a cat, and chic black , not screaming colours . But it is art that Prada wants to put in his ideal buyer mind , it is a dress made for women with soul and brain. .

In an art system where the word brand is so important ( Damien Hirst says ‘you have to be brand, because this is our world, otherwise you’re out ), this is one of a kind connection.

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