CONNECTING IDEAS / don’t treat me like an object

Some Art inspires because it is a sort of bet : it changes our perception, it is a ‘knock’, an open door on different visions, different approach to art itself, life, identity, relationships.

Here some inspiring art from different artists, times and countries. In common, it has this powerful factor : think differentely.


Patricia Urquiola / Federico Pepe .

Don’t treat me like an object , the object (chair )says .

In the relationship with a seated human being, the object has a sort of ‘soul’ .
It is a game, conceptual art mixed to pure Pop !

It reminds to Pier Paolo Calzolari artworks, his dreamlike chairs, waiting for a visitor and his/her gaze, a glance between the object and the human being  that can evocate whatever you want to dream about  : waiting, nostalgy, absence, presence. Feelings, to cut a long story short.

Here, the object has a poetic witty soul, and invite to …love ? pity? sensitive approach ? But whatever it is, it is about the idea of ‘feeling art’ again, via the light of neon, thinking about the master,  Bruce Naumann.

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