SPREAD YOUR WINGS, BABE/ art connections : klein – pedrini, cosmic energy and freedom

Wings between visual art and music.


Art is made to overfly. To get rid of the daily life powder, and fly high.

Music is spirit without body , said  Schopenhauer.

‘Give me wings, give me space’, wrote David Bowie, later, in a song. Wings : an immortal symbol of something ‘high’, pure and cosmic.

Mix all these elements , and you’ll  have  the perfect connection between visual art and music; a connection made of freedom, essentially .

There is a great love for Anarchy and cosmic energy, both in Yves Klein and in italian rockstar Omar Pedrini.

No rules, but freedom, feelings,   life in its essence.

In colours and in rock’n’roll.

Yves Klein is  one of the most famous  artists known for his  spiritual research in  the arts , mixing music and painting : while an orchestra was playing  an oriental music ( Klein was enchanted by zen values), his models, painted with his mesmerising BLUE KLEIN PIGMENT,  left traces on paper called ‘anthropometries’ , to celebrate an immaterial state of lightness, cosmic energy, life  ‘in progress’ .

This happens in a rock concert,too,  where the energy is flowing and dinamic,  in  Klein’s  art everything is in  the ‘happening’, his paintings (the anthropometries) are  just, to him, the dusts of his art (a sort of memory of the energy gone).

Energy, music, primary instincts. He wants art to be immaterial: to be and not to appear.


Is there anything  closer to music than this ?

It is all so evident in the  traces of  his ‘blue  wings’ : human  wings, like the Nike’s ones, in a sort of ‘vital rush’, a visual ode to fly upon the material world.  So Sixties/Seventies .

Music (rock music) leaves traces on the soul, too:  that’s why you can see two guitars with wings on the t-shirt of a true, inspired italian rockstar , Omar Pedrini ,  a guitar like a gothic rock angel . They are the symbol of that kind of energy Klein was looking for . In both  cases they are symbols of the same research :  artists that are looking for Lightness,  against the gravity , “swimming in the air”, just in the arms of  artistic inspiration .

Pedrini’s songs talks about   that kleinesque  inspiration from the Energy : “vado via con me verso oriente” (I go away, with me, to the East), “sarò acqua che si disseta da sé, Io e me vento che si rincorre” (And I will be water that quenches itself, Me and me,  wind that  chases itself).  Yves Klein has said : “I wish to play with human feeling, with its ‘morbidity” and “ I painted some monochrome surfaces just to ‘see’ with my own eyes absolute freedom!”.

Lots in common : Space, natural elements, emotions in sound or colours. Sometime visual art is spiritual, and music, viceversa, gives visions.  These are the great connections  that different Arts can generate.


Day is blue

silence is green

life is yellow;

light traces,

lines, and never ends…YKlein


Anthropometries, Yves Klein,

Omar Padrini , photo by Giovanna Tagliati .

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