Louis Vuitton , Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons designs the second collection of Louis Vuitton bags in 2017.

The intersection between two worlds closer and closer is for the second time demonstrated by the Masters , in which Koons, one of the most influential contemporary artists in the art world, emphasizes the personal connection with each of the honored artists.

He said, “When someone walks down the street or sits in a cafe wearing one of these bags, he’s really communicating his love for humanity.”

Beyond the personal affirmations of the Puppies artist, a collection of this type underlines the worldwide tendency to the art brand and in general of every luxury product.

A bag is an object of use that has an added value, when it comes to an icon like Louis Vuitton: prestige, durability, luxury, elegance, style are all symbols that, as philosopher  Cassirer would say about the fact that we are symbolic animals , accompany the buyer in the choice of an eloquent and recognizable product like this.

Adding tributes to Art adds eternity and symbolic values ​​to an object that, though durable and prestigious, has certainly nothing to do with the eternity or immortality of a pictorial masterpiece.

From Boucher to Gauguin, from Manet to Monet, from Poussin to Turner: mythical artists present in the collective imagination climbing up on bags , that are equally present in a global fantasy of fashion victims.

Against the deadly fashion , we choose works of art that become pop but that are intertwined with fashion design as in a sort of yin and yang.

‘Brand everywhere’ is the keyword. With the authoritative but also graceful  stamp of Monet’s water lilies.

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