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Some Art inspires because it is a sort of bet : it changes our perception, it is a ‘knock’, an open door on different visions, different approach to art itself, life, identity, relationships.

Here some inspiring art from different artists, times and countries. In common, it has this powerful factor : think differentely.

After Vanessa Beecroft’s ‘black and white holy motherwood’ , herewe have the brilliant Pop-holy motherwood by the amazing anninaroescheisen : a lovely bear and fauve colours mixed to a Pontormo / Rosso Fiorentino  and a Michelangelo touch .

A mix that to me creates such a new, funny, creative declination of an artistic ‘topos’. From the holy motherwood to the Pity:  Art is creating new things from what you love from the past, someone said .
The putti are little toys, in a mix of sacred and funny elements that evocates the best of modernand  post modern Art . Powerful .


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  1. potente iconico colorato mi ricorda anche a me sia MICHELANGELO che ROSSO FIORENTINO..dal passato per rinnovarsi in libertà senza vincoli aperti al nuovo. grazie

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