SHORT PILLS SERIES imperfection is perfection

CONNECTING IDEAS / imperfection : the key word

Some Art inspires because it is a sort of bet : it changes our perception, it is a ‘knock’, an open door on different visions, different approach to art itself, life, identity, relationships.

Here some inspiring art from different artists, times and countries. In common, it has this powerful factor : think differentely.

Lots of Art since the xxth century speaks via words.
From the ‘calligrammes’ to conceptual art, it is a fast ‘click’.
Maybe because the post modern man / artist is dazed, confused but still needs to express himself.
Not perfection, but feelings.
Please feel me , He seems to ask us . Like Tommy in The Who’s song.
Lets follow artists in their questions and desires. They can be so helpful and beautiful and intense.


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